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Welcome to One Swing Events!

Camps, combines & metrics events

Not only does OneSwing Events provide the top tournaments in the country, we also offer camps, combines and metrics events.

At One Swing Events, the history of our camps has proven to give players the best opportunity to showcase their talents directly in front of the top college coaches from across the country.

We have now added 2 new opportunities for players, metrics and combines. Each player will be able to register for a player profile and sign up for metrics and combines. Players can showcase their individual skills and will be tested by PGF certified recorders. Player metrics scores and times will be posted to their player account in real time. Combines will include live games that will get recorded and highlights will be posted to player profiles


One Swing Events tournaments, through PGF are some of the top events in the country. Our tournaments give our teams and players the greatest opportunity for competitive play and exposure through tagup. 

We are expanding our technology, powered by tagup. Next-level tech to drive the future of the game.


Showcasing players with the most video uploads for individual play types on tagup.


Player profiles, built around poignant information and video, designed to drive engagement through shareability.

National Ranking

The new system developed by PGF to accurately evaluate and rank players on a national scale.


Dynamic search engines and a feed of recently uploaded content that power a strong connection between recruiters and recruits.


Take a look at what these industry leaders,
and veterans have to say about PGF and tagup

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“As a student-athlete, I played in 4 PGF Nationals, and was even fortunate enough to be on a team that won a National Championship!  I have seen first hand, and experienced the value and impact this company brings to so many young athletes. During my time as a PGF athlete, I learned the importance of hard work, dedication, and drive to play and succeed at the highest level. These core values have driven the growth of tagup, so the partnership with PGF feels like everything has come full circle. Our team at tagup is thrilled to be on board with Dan Hay, and the PGF team, as we continue to build the future of the game.”

Emily Lipsett

CEO and Founder, tagup


An Elite Company, Keeps Elite Company

We are proud to announce the partnership with tagupSoftball, Blast motion, and Zybek sports to put on the best possible metric camps and combines for the players. Having the top-rated equipment and program will allow the players to view real time scoring and timing via their player profile.  

Blast Motion
Pocket Radar

You'll Never See a Better Pitch,
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